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House Concerts and CEREMONIAL CACAO 

A house concert with Ceremonial Cacao is an opportunity for ALEKSANDRA to share blessings for one’s home and community through songs, Cacao and intention. It is my deep pleasure and honor to create a sacred sound space in your home. 


Contact us via email: Aleksandradubov@gmail.com and say that you’d like to book a house concert & Cacao Sharamony with ALEKSANDRA.

choosing a Date

A date will be chosen through email or phone conversations between host and ALEKSANDRA.

Invitations and Promotion

The internet is a great tool for inviting guests. ALEKSANDRA has available a bio/photo page which you can send to guests with all the details of the event.

You have the option of keeping this a private event, and I am also willing to post the event on my website if there is space for more guests. It’s a great idea to request RSVPs for the event so that chairs are ensured to be filled, especially if there’s a waiting list.

the Performance with ceremonial cacao

We begin by chanting a mantra together. Aleksandra shares Firefly Chocolate Ceremonial cacao (https://fireflychocolate.com/) with guests. Usually we set intentions and then ALEKSANDRA does two 30 minute sets including her music and chanting mantras with some conversations with the audience.

Other Thoughts

  • Parking space for guests?
  • Chairs or cushions for guests, or a note in your invitation for guests to bring their own.
  • Will you be needing amplification for this event? Generally if there are more than 35-40 people, I like to have some sort of small PA set-up so that all can hear. 
  • Sometimes a written agreement or contract will be made between ALEKSANDRA and hosts. This is to ensure clear communication and ease.
  • Do you have support? Make sure you’ve got a couple of friends who are willing to be “helpers” for preparation and during event. 

Aleksandra loves 

  • ALEKSANDRA loves to share a meal before the event with hosts, although this is not a requirement.
  • ALEKSANDRA may occasionally love to be given overnight accommodations by the hosts, although this is not a requirement.

I hope to create a Sacred Sonic Space with you soon!



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